We provide nurturing and high-quality care

Cheeky Clouds welcome all families and the wider local community to our family owned business, built on passion and enthusiasm for the education of children in their early years. This long-awaited early learning service is driven by enthusiasm and excitement to assist in the growth of our future generation, in a supportive and creative environment. The most important learning years in a child’s life are their early childhood years, and Cheeky Clouds aim to set strong foundations and values for healthy physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

We provide nurturing and high-quality care for children aged from six weeks to six years of age, from Monday to Friday, and seek to provide meaningful experiences and memories for them to take on their journey through childhood. Cheeky Clouds firmly believe children learn through play. Child initiated experiences are encouraged and supported by our friendly, professional educators to ensure effective outcomes for each child’s development.

Our service is located off the Princess Highway, conveniently situated for Geelong and Melbourne based working families.

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