Establishing positive community relationships is a strong value Cheeky Clouds like to uphold.

Incursions and excursions are highly encouraged and are a proven favourite with the children who are, and who have been in our care.

Incursions and excursions cater to the children’s curiosity and sense of wonder toward the world around them, whilst promoting positive interaction skills.

Previous incursions at Cheeky Clouds have included animal farms, yoga, Holi day celebrations, library incursions and many more. These incursions foster the children’s sense of wellbeing and further develop their confidence in communication and social skills.

Cheeky Clouds are proud to have Happy Feet Fitness program visit regularly, providing joy and entertainment to the children, meanwhile strengthening their development through movement and music. This program integrates aspects of our curriculum while promoting healthy lifestyles as the children engage in active movement through music and dance, the positive response from the children reinforce the Happy Feet Fitness programs popularity within our centre.

Previous excursions have included the Werribee open range zoo, You Yangs Regional Park, along with ongoing community walks which have seen the children establish relationships with businesses within our community.

We highly encourage families from organisations within the community to get in touch if they would like their organisation to be a part of an incursion or excursion with our centre.