At Cheeky Clouds we believe that all children are valuable members of our community, our educational programs embrace all children as being strong and competent learners and our educators pride themselves on empowering children to reach their full potential.

As children are naturally inquisitive, our curriculums place a focus on child led educational programs, following the children’s interests and ideas. Cheeky Clouds firmly believe in the value of children’s voices being heard and children being active participants within their learning.

Our holistic educational programs provide children with opportunities to explore new concepts and take risks, our environments provoke curiosity and wonder in children as they are provided with time and space to engage and explore at their own individual pace.  We also value our community surroundings and the benefits of children learning through nature, our curriculum also provides opportunities for children to be involved within the community, this includes community walks, bush kinder and a range of incursions and excursions throughout the year.

Families receive regular information regarding their child’s learning and development using our online application KindyHub. Each child will receive daily photographs, an overview of their learning journey for the day and also meal and sleep information.