Our “learn through play” philosophy is the driving motivation behind the planning for our learning environments and experiences.

Our rooms are set out to convey a homely feel, with comfortable meal time dining settings depicting home. The use of lots of natural materials in our general play and arts and craft activities introduce the Earth’s resources into our homely settings. This establishes an association between the two and the importance of care for our environment.

As we encourage children to lead their play/learning, experiences are set based on children’s interests, which can then be extended to further inspire their learning. Our room routines are tailored to provide consistency, however, they are flexible to cater to the needs of the children.

Cheeky Clouds are dedicated to running an inviting indoor/outdoor program. This extends our support of child initiated and child led play, ensuring the children have access to our enriching outdoor yards. We aim for children to experience a program that stimulates learning across all areas of development and demonstrates respect for each individual child’s needs.

Our curriculum aims to deliver a program that allows all children and all abilities to have equal access to all of the activities and equipment provided, for our program to promote to children the importance of showing acceptance of different and diverse cultural practices by developing children’s knowledge of the customs, and celebrations of cultural groups.

For the program to reflect the vision and learning outcomes of the national Early Years Learning Framework as well as, for the program to develop and be continuous with reflection of children’s goals in partnership with families and the EYLF.

Our staff evaluate and reflect over the program on a regular basis to ensure the programs are best practice and all children in the service are being programmed for and supported.

Currently at Cheek Clouds we program using Kindyhub an online program that allows our families to see daily what their children have been participating in through our program as well as other important information. Families receive photos of their children each day they attend, making the application a valuable communication tool for the service and our families.