All our meals are prepared on the premises by our qualified centre cook. These are designed and prepared in guidance with Nutrition Australia and the nutritional needs of the children to promote healthy eating habits from a young age. Produce is sourced from local business owners to ensure that we are always using fresh quality produce.

During meal times the children are encouraged to serve their own meals. Our educators assist and guide the children to ensure that meal times are always an enjoyable social experience. We provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. Our centre cook is experienced in working closely with families to cater to all our children’s nutritional needs. This may be cultural, intolerances, allergies or preferences. Our seasonal menu is displayed in our entrance for families to view and is developed on a five-week rotational menu.

As we do not allow food to be brought into the Centre we always encourage families to provide feedback and contribute to our menu’s.