At Cheeky Clouds we believe all children have the right to equity in education, support and community involvement. Together; educators, families and children strive to protect, nurture and advocate for all children and their families.

The goal of Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. Maria Montessori

The Curriculum at Cheeky Clouds is developed to support each child’s development through play-based activities and teacher lead experiences guided by the National Quality Frameworks, Early Years Learning Frameworks and the children’s interest.

We believe this enables children to learn in a style that suits the individual child encouraging them to become confident learners.

We guide ourselves by the theory that a child’s development is affected by the environment they are surrounded by and endeavour to work closely with families and the children to provide a natural, comforting, diverse, educational and supportive environment. We encourage the children to learn about themselves and their environment, teaching them how we all as individuals affect the world around us.

As a centre we keep updated with the latest research and practices to ensure we are providing the best quality of care available. Through incursions and excursions we aim to educate children through various styles and experiences.

Educators at Cheeky Clouds believe that relationships formed in Early Childhood play a major role in children’s development; e support, comfort and acknowledge children’s needs and emotions to ensure positive relationships are formed in the early stages of development. We work closely with families and the community to ensure the experiences the children have in the centre are supported and developed by everyone involved in the children’s lives.

We are guided by our philosophy and continue to develop both the children’s education and our own.