It is understandable that introducing your child to childcare can be quite a daunting experience to many parents and guardians. However, it is also a very exciting time for both you and your child and can provide your family with lots of meaningful memories. Here’s some helpful things to know before your child starts day care.

Settling into care

On your child’s first day the educators in your child’s room will spend time establishing a relationship with both you and your child. You may be asked what your child’s interests, dislikes and routines are, as knowing as much as we can about your child helps to ensure a smooth transition into the care environment.

Communication is fundamental in creating strong relationships with families and helps to ensure that your child’s childcare journey is meaningful and beneficial to your child’s development through their early years.  Our staff are always available to answer any questions you may have, this may be at drop off or pick up periods or by contacting the centre throughout the day.

As no child is the same, we understand that the settling in period may be longer for some families and children may have different needs to assist with the settling period. Working together, families and educators can develop a routine and plan to help during this period.

What to bring?

When packing your child’s bag each day we suggest that you pack changes of clothes for the day as often our curriculum can include messy play. When dressing your child for the day or packing changes of clothes please ensure that they are weather appropriate to ensure that your child can participate in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Casual and comfortable clothes are suggested to allow your child the freedom to explore. During the warmer periods children need to be dressed in sun smart clothing and a wide brimmed hat.

As we understand that many children have comfort items from home that help to support them during their time in the care we ask that you please clearly label all item’s from home.