Ninety percent of children’s brain development occurs within their first five years, this makes Early Years Education an extremely beneficial tool to their development. Early Childhood Education settings provide an array of opportunities for learning to inspire and engage the minds of young children.

In these first five years children learn from their environments, interactions with families, peers and the community. A child’s development is heavily influenced by nurture and nature, while a child’s genes play a strong influence in development, alongside this nurture further enhances their learning capabilities.

Some of the developmental areas Early Childhood Education can support your children with are:

Socialisation Skills: Early socialisation allows children to gain self confidence and promote comfort in social settings. Learning how to communicate with others and engage in group activities with others that assist with developing problem-solving skills, cooperation, negotiation skills, perseverance, empathy, language and so many more.

Exposure to diversity: Children learn through socialisation about diversity, but there are also a significant amount of opportunities for them to learn diversity through experiences that guide them to appreciate and accept differences.

Enthusiasm for learning: Children will willingly want to learn if something is of interest to them. Providing inviting experiences will further encourage children to partake in play-based experiences.

Early years learning not only benefits the children and their journey to lifelong learning, we are also here to support families when needed and utilise community information to better support the children and families together. It is natural for parents to experience feelings of hesitation and guilt, however, when you find a day care centre that reassures you and caters to the needs of your family, you have found gold!

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